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Sonia Wright MD

Medical Doctor, Sexual Counselor and Life Coach

I’m Dr. Sonia Wright and my two-fold mission will help you…

  • Is there a lack of sexual intimacy in your relationship?
  • Are you experiencing low sexual desire or arousal?
  • Perhaps you are dealing with your partner’s sexual dysfunction?
  • Are health conditions such as diabetes, menopause, or cancer treatments impacting your sex life?
  • Are you dealing with emotional distress related to gynecological issues?
  • Maybe body image issues are preventing you from enjoying sex?

All these issues can lead to sexual dysfunction, which can adversely impact your emotional well-being. It doesn’t have to be this way. There is a solution and it doesn’t necessarily have to take years to correct.

Break the Bonds of Sexual Dysfunction! Own Your Sexuality!

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“Coaching with Dr. Sonia is incredible! She puts me at ease so quickly with her warmth and confidence. Under her guidance, I am able to shift my perspective which leads to new opportunities and ultimately growth. We have worked on many issues with great results! I highly recommend Dr. Sonia and am extremely grateful for her coaching.” —S.B.