There comes a point in many women’s lives when they can no longer pretend. They examine their sex lives and realize they are not satisfied. They may ask themselves “Is this all there is?”

Maybe you have been there. You have followed all the rules. You got the education, found a partner and got married, had the kids and now you are juggling all of the responsibilities. Maybe you have experienced that great “mind blowing sex” at some point in your life and lost it. Maybe you have never experienced it. But in either case, you thought you would be enjoying more intimacy and having better sex now in your midlife.

Let me tell you, the secret to a better sex life and more intimacy does not come from finding a better lover or following six easy steps in a magazine article. Having improved sexual intimacy and a great sex life is simple, but not easy. It requires that you be willing to examine your mindset about sex, own your sexuality and you must be committed to doing the work required to improve your sex intimacy. If you are willing to do the work, then we can accomplish great things together!

Acknowledging your current situation

The first step to improving your sex life is evaluating where you are right now and taking full responsibility for whatever you find. Maybe you are having sex about once a month. Maybe once a year. Maybe you have sex, but it is a perfunctory fifteen-minute experience and then roll over and fall asleep.

Your amazing sex life is waiting for you, but you must take the first step. It’s time to begin. Dr. Sonia can help.

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Maybe you are afraid to have sex because of health concerns or pain. Maybe you find yourself in a marriage with your best friend, but with little or no sexual intimacy. It’s time to take responsibility and acknowledge where you find yourself right now. This is not about blaming anyone. Only by acknowledging where you are right now, can you have the power to change your circumstance. So, how do you change it?

Start with self-love and self-care.

Before you decide to spice up your love life, you need to reconnect with your own mind and body. Do you like yourself? Do you see your value in this world? Do you believe that you deserve to experience pleasure? Before you jump into bed with anyone, we need to make sure that you truly love the person that you spend every waking hour with, yourself. We will explore your relationship with yourself and make sure you realize how important you are.

Next, we will explore your relationship with your body. I’m going to ask you to go back to the basics. The fundamentals of a good sex life require a healthy body and healthy concepts about your body. Lets get you to a place of loving your body just the way it is right now. Be kind to your body. Have you given your body enough sleep? Have you fed your body healthy foods? After the basics of sleep and nutrition have been met, then you are ready to spend some time exploring your body. Make a date with yourself. For some of you, you have never taken the time to identify what your body really enjoys sexually. You have left it up to your lover to tell you what your body enjoys. You will need to explore your body more.

A woman’s body is continually changing over her lifetime. Your body now is not the same as your body in your twenties. Sensations that you may have found pleasurable in your twenties may not be as pleasurable to you now. You will need to go on an exploration of your body which will ultimately improve your sex life and intimacy.

Discussing your needs with others

Finally, we will address you role as part of a union. We will take all the information you have discovered about yourself, your needs and your body and start to incorporate that into your relationship. You will learn to share your new-found knowledge with your partner and work together to get build that intimacy into your relationship.

Ultimately, we will put it all together and create a tailored sexual protocol just for you, taking into consideration your unique mindset, body image, health concerns and relationship needs.

Are you ready to start your own journey of discovery? Are you committed to improving your sex life and sexual intimacy? Then the time is now! Contact me today for a complimentary consultation so we can discuss how we can work together to create that incredible sex life and wonderful sexual intimacy.

Dr. Sonia
The Midlife Sex Coach for Women

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Your amazing sex life is waiting for you, but you must take the first step. It’s time to begin. Dr. Sonia can help.