Sonia Wright MD

Dr. Sonia Wright is an experienced physician with a variety of interests including women’s sexual health, life coaching and radiology. She has more than 10 years experience as a Board Certified Diagnostic Radiologist. She holds a certificate in Sexual Counseling from the University of Michigan School of Social Work. She is also a Certified Life Coach, receiving her training from both The Life Coach School and Learning Journeys.

She loves the balance of being a doctor and a coach, merging her interest in physiology and anatomy with her coaching/counseling skills to develop her unique program in sexual coaching.

Dr. Wright’s interest in sexual health began over 30 years ago at Stanford University where she volunteered as a contraceptive student advisor. She discovered that she had a natural ability to put people at ease while discussing sensitive issues related to sex. She continues to use these skills today in her coaching practice.

She offers coaching sessions in person, in her office as well as by video and over the telephone. Her services are confidential, and she is committed to providing a safe and nonjudgmental environment to discuss any sex related topic.

When not coaching or interpreting radiology studies, Dr. Wright enjoys travel, theatre, dancing and being a mom to her two children.

The Evolution of The Midlife Sex Coach For Women

I am a medical doctor trained in Diagnostic Radiology. I have been lucky enough to study/train at some of the best educational institutions in the United States including Stanford University, the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine and the Mayo Clinic.

Over the last 5 years, I have been on my own personal journey of growth and discovery, reflecting on my purpose in life. When I turned 50, I started asking myself “how can I be of service during the second half of my life?” I decided to shift gears and become a life coach while continuing my day job as a radiologist. I completed two certification programs in life coaching and I really enjoyed making a difference in my clients’ lives.

Many of my clients are women in midlife (age 40-60+) struggling with health concerns, body image, menopause and relationship/intimacy issues. Once I gained my clients trust, they felt comfortable enough to discuss specific problems related to relationships and sexual intimacy. They often mentioned they needed to discuss the issue with someone but did not know who could help them.

I wanted to be that person whom they could confide in, but I needed more training. So, I spent an additional year of post-graduate training to complete my certificate in Sexual Counseling at the University of Michigan.

I then developed The Midlife Sex Coaching For Women Program. I’m so excited to offer my sex coaching services to you! I combine my medical knowledge, sexual counseling training and my life coaching experience to provide a unique holistic sex coaching program. It’s like you are get three different providers addressing your concerns at one time. I have identified the most common sexual issues that women in midlife encounter and developed my program to address these issues.

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