• Introductory 3 month sex coaching package (12 sessions, typically 1 session per week)
  • 6 month “going deep” sex and life coaching package (24 sessions, typically 1 session per week)

50-minute sessions conducted weekly by video or phone.

Your tailored sessions will incorporate Dr. Sonia’s extensive medical knowledge, sexual counseling skills, and life coaching tools. These are enjoyable, emotionally supportive sessions that are safe and non-judgemental. You’ll also receive beneficial cognitive and behavioral exercises to complete between sessions and ultimately a customized sexual protocol to go forward with.

All major credit cards accepted.

The objectives of the program are to help you…

  • Realize whatever issues you are dealing with now are common and can be improved. Let’s work on it together!

  • Let’s get you to a place of self-love and body acceptance, so you can create the sex life of your dreams. Your body is incredible!

  • Become comfortable with and enjoy your own sexuality. You have the right to a fabulous sex life!

  • Increase sexual intimacy with your partner- no matter what emotional or medical issues have developed over time. Sexual intimacy can be improved!

  • Work on low desire/libido issues. Your desire is still within in you. You can unleash it!

  • Identify how your health issues or that of your partner may be impeding sex and create modifications to enjoy sex. Don’t limit yourself to a narrow definition of sex!

  • Understand how your body changes around the time of menopause. Postmenopausal sex can be the best sex of your life!

  • Explore any sexual interests you may have in a safe and nonjudgmental environment. You deserve to be happy!

We will work together to accomplish the following (tailored to your concerns):

  • Developing your sexual mindset

  • Exploring concepts about your own sexuality

  • Learning to give yourself permission to experience sexual pleasure

  • Creating the sexual intimacy you desire in your relationship

  • Gaining an awareness of your physical body and how it experiences sexual pleasure

  • Discussing sex toys and learning to incorporate them into your sexual play, if you wish

  • Addressing medical conditions that are negatively impacting sexual intimacy. Services can be coordinated with your treating physician.

  • Improving low desire and arousal

  • Exploring your concept of body image and how it may impact sexual intimacy

  • Learning to love and appreciate your body in order to express yourself sexually

  • Understanding female and male anatomy and how it relates to sexual function and pleasure

  • Learning ways to adapt to your changing body with menopause

  • Discussing alternative lifestyles and relationship structures, if you are interested

Imagine a rewarding intimate sexual relationship! You’ll complete this program with stronger self-acceptance and more enjoyment of your life!

Results you can expect include:

  • Being comfortable with being a sexual being

  • Re-engaging with your partner in new ways

  • Reconnecting with your body

  • Giving yourself permission to explore your body

  • Exploring your body and learn how to become orgasmic

  • Coming up with ways to deal with medical issues and maintain sexual intimacy

  • Addressing low desire and low arousal

  • Understanding your anatomy and how it relates to sexual function and pleasure

  • Learning to love and appreciate your body in order to express yourself sexually

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Your amazing sex life is waiting for you, but you must take the first step. It’s time to begin. Dr. Sonia can help.

“Dr. Sonia is a very gentle coach, giving me time and space to become comfortable talking about something that was so private to me. I loved how she pushed me out of my comfort zone, but not to the point of resistance. She was very flexible in her approach, taking into consideration my faith and any personal moral reservations, while still offering the information for me to digest and apply to my own life.
She is very knowledgeable and supportive. I was quite surprised at how much we accomplished in such a short time working together.” –  KV